Wednesday, 27 April 2022

More WSPR on 40 metres

A short break from work gave me some time for more experiments using WSPR over the Easter holidays from my WFH desk with a Raspberry Pi and Yaesu FT-817.

I first tried using a Clansman E-VHF sleeve dipole which happens to work rather badly on 30m and 17m and then with a Maldol 40m mobile whip operating at ground level in the garden.

Despite the simple setup, I managed to be heard in Australia, New Zealand the Falkland Islands.  I've also learned the trick (from a DL) of calling CQ on CW on the same dial frequency which makes you audible at +700Hz whilst remaining outside of the WSPR audio pass-band at +1.5kHz.

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Yaesu FT-8900 Setup for Raynet Comms Test.

 My Yeasu FT-8900R configured for a North Humber Raynet communications test on both 6m (with CTCSS set for compatibility with the Clansman military radios) and for the UHF Raynet repeater located at Weedley Farm in the Yorkshire Wolds.

Update - we actually managed to cross-band using my radio at my usual mobile location near home from Sandtoft with an RT-350 on 6m to Withernsea via the repeater.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Itty Bitty Radio Telescope and AO100 downlink

How to make a "Itty Bitty Radio Telescope" from a satellite dish and LNB using SV1AFN's AD8313 power detector module to measure the signal in dBm and convert it into a voltage that can be digitised using an Adafruit ADC for the Raspberry Pi - using the design from F5VLB.
Nothing goes to waste as we can use the same dish and LNB to receive amateur radio signals from the Qatar-OSCAR 100 Narrow band transponder onboard the Es'hail-2 geostationary satellite with an RTL-SDR dongle, alternatively we could use the RTL Dongle as part of our Itty Bitty Radio Telescope and measure the power using a GNU Radio block on the Raspberry Pi.

See my post from 15th March!

Friday, 26 June 2020

Australia on 2 Watts

Extremely happy - Running WSPR on a Raspberry Pi 4 driving an FT-817 with Yaesu  SCU-17 sound card interface, I have been heard in Australia! (Anyone else getting spurious decodes with a similar setup ?)

The  antenna is a MALDOL 40 metre band mobile whip mounted on a clothes dryer spike and a "Clansman" PRC counterpoise...

Although I reported 5 Watts (37 dBm) in the transmission, the AGC was backed off and I have since measured the output power with an RMS meter at just under 2 Watts.  I think it's time to build the QRP Labs Ultimate WSPR/QRSS kit or even a Raspberry Pi transmitter!

Thursday, 4 June 2020

FT-8 using Clansman EVHF antenna on 17m

With the good conditions on HF, I tried using FT-8 on 17 metres using a Clansman EVHF sleeve dipole.  Despite several attempts to contact stations in the Caribbean, no contacts so far, some experimentation with the FT-817 and WSJT-X settings is required to get some RF out of the antenna...

The olive-green antenna is almost invisible as our neighbour had walked past it several times over the week and not noticed it!  The combination of the lockdown heatwave and guinea pigs hasn't been good to the lawn...

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Using the Dwingeloo WebSDR for GRAVES Meteor Scatter

If you are thinking of setting up a meteor scatter receiver using the GRAVES radar, did you know you can use thc Dwingeloo WebSDR in The Netherlands?

Visit and then select the GRAVES option!